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Hachioji Campus

The Hachioji Campus houses the School of Media Science, the School of Computer Science, the School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, and the Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences. Spread across a vast area of 38 ha (about 94 acres), the Hachioji Campus offers an environment ideal for research and education at the forefront of the modern age.

■Research Towers

Housing not only auditoriums and research laboratories but also a power generation facility in the basement.

■Media Hall

Housing a media studio and a hall seating 500 people and equipped with the most advanced AV systems, the Media Hall is used for satellite-based e-learning and international conferences as well as for daily lectures in the School of Media Science.

■Bio-nanotechnology Center

Equipped with world-class cutting-edge machines and instruments, the Bio-nanotechnology Center offers a research environment ideal for blending the biotechnology and nanotechnology that is crucial to the future of humankind.

■Content Technology Center

Equipped with powerful computers, up-to-date multimedia devices, and advanced software, the Content Technology Center provides an environment for creating various kinds of image content.


Each desk is equipped with outlets and connectors for notebook PCs.

■Internet Café

Students come in to access the Internet in a cozy atmosphere.

■Wireless LAN Spots

Students can access the Internet even outside the buildings.


This houses a convenience store, a bookstore, an internet cafè,a coffee shop, and fast-food restaurants.


Situated only minute's walk from JR Hachioji-Minamino Station and designed for comfort and amenity, the dormitory provides an ideal environment for study and living.