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Joining the Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium

In October 2021, Tokyo University of Technology joined the Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium.

With the purpose of “assuring the quality of engineering and science education,” “fostering human resources,” “driving innovations,” and “enforcing industry competitiveness,” the GTI Consortium currently consists of nine government and administrative agencies, forty universities both in and outside of Japan, and 182 industry participants.

Moving forward, TUT will be pushing for international exchange with overseas university and industry members through international research collaborations and inter-university cooperation.

【About the GTI Consortium】

・To enhance industry-academia-government collaboration both within Japan and internationally and provide practical training and education to help assure the quality of engineering and science education.
・To develop global engineers with quality engineering and science education.
・To have engineers work efficiently anywhere in the world to bring about innovations.
・ To enhance industry competitiveness by innovations that have been created by global engineers.

〇 Activities
・Undertaking global project-based learning
・Promoting international exchange programs involving faculty members and students
・Conducting global internships
・Instigating international research collaborations
・Participating in inter-governmental projects
・ Organizing symposiums …etc.

■GTI Consortium