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Signed a University Agreement with FPT University in Vietnam

On July 11, 2023 (Tuesday), a university agreement was signed with FPT University in Vietnam.

FPT University, a new institution established in 2006 by the prominent Vietnamese company FPT Corporation, has campuses in three cities: Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. On this occasion, Vice President Sumi Katsuura (in charge of International Exchange and Educational Reform), Professor Kenji Hara (Chair of the International Committee), and Associate Professor Yoko Kusumoto (Head of Overseas Programs) visited Vietnam as representatives of Tokyo University of Technology and participated in the signing ceremony at the Da Nang campus.

In spring 2024, Tokyo University of Technology will carry out an overseas internship program in Vietnam. The program will involve studying business English at FPT University for one week, followed by a three-week internship at companies located in Da Nang. During this visit, discussions were held with several prospective companies that will serve as internship hosts, showcasing their expectations for Tokyo University of Technology's students.

There are plans for active international exchanges with FPT University in the future.

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