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Historical Outline

Established in 1986, Tokyo University of Technology is commemorating its 25th anniversary in 2011. It should be noted, however, that the foundation of its predecessor as an educational corporation dates back to 1947; thus, the educational corporation itself celeb rated its 60th anniversary in 2007.
Whereas Tokyo University of Technology originally started out in Hachioji, Tokyo, as a single-faculty college with only the School of Engineering, it has now grown into a university with five faculties spanning two campuses: Hachioji and Kamata, Tokyo. In 1999 it added the School of Media Science, the first of its kind in Japan; in 2003 it reorganized itself into a three-faculty university by adding the School of Computer Science and the School of Bioscience and Biotechnology; and in 201 0 it opened the School of Design and the School of Health Sciences in Kamata.

1947 “Soubi Gakuen”, the predecessor of Katayanagi Institute was established
1976 The name of the School was changed to Nippon Engineer College.
1982 Nippon Engineer College of Hokkaido established.
1986 Tokyo University of Technology was opened.The university established Department of Technology (3 Courses: Electronic Engineering Course, Information Technology Course, Machine Control Engineering Course)
1987 Nippon Engineer College of Hachioji established.
1993 The university established Graduate School, Engineering Research Course Master’s Program (System Electronic Engineering Major)
1994 Department of Technology (Information Communication Engineering Course) was established
1995 Graduate School, Engineering Research Course Doctoral Program (System Electronic Engineering Major) was established
1999 School of Media Science (Media Course) was established
2000 Katayanagi Advanced Research Laboratories was established
2003 Katayanagi Advanced Research Laboratories building was completed
School of Bionics (Bionics Course), School of Computer Science (Computer Science Course) were established [Reorganized Department of Technology]
Graduate School, Media Sciences Study Course Master’s Program (Media Science Major) was established
2005 Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences Master’s Program (Bionics Major, Computer Science Major, Media Science Major, Entrepreneur Major), Doctoral Program (Bionics Major, Computer Science Major, Media Science Major) were established
[Reorganized Engineering Research Course, Media Science Study Course]
2008 School of Bionics (Bionics Course) is renamed to School of Bioscience and Biotechnology (Bioscience and Biotechnology Course)
2010 The Kamata Campus was opened, with The School of Design and The School of Health Sciences.
2014 School of Health Sciences (Medical Technology Course) was established
2015 Established the Faculty of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Course/Electric and Electronic Engineering Course/Applied Chemistry Course)