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Philosophy and Mission Tokyo University of Technology

In 1986, Tokyo University of Technology came into being with the following mission, which forms the basis for its operations as a cornerstone of tertiary education and for the code of conduct for all its teaching and general staff:

Fundamental Mission:
To build up human resources that will contribute to the improvements in the quality of life and to the progress of Technology.

With a view to fulfilling the above mission, the following three guiding principles have been established:
  • To provide education in science and technology that can make a real contribution to society.
  • To provide education through leading-edge R&D with returns to society.
  • To provide an ideal environment for education and R&D.

The ultimate goal of these principles is to contribute to society and industry by educating young student's to become internationally competent researchers and engineers equipped with ICT skills and a creative, autonomous, practical mindset, while valuing their individuality.

Mission Statement

To flesh out these guiding principles, the University has laid out the following specific missions:

  • To provide education that values each student's individuality.
  • To educate, through training in advanced technologies, student's to become engineers and experts with practical competence in diverse fields.
  • To educate student's to become engineers and experts well-versed in ICT.
  • To provide practical training in foreign languages (especially English) to foster an international mindset.

In accordance with these missions, all the teaching and administrative staff at Tokyo University of Technology are taking concerted action to innovate its education programs under the slogan “Only One, Best Care” (OBC).