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Origin of our School Emblem

Our school emblem (symbol mark) was newly established when the school commemorated its 50th anniversary (1997) and changed its corporate name. The mark is a crystallization of the image of laboratory building in Hachioji Campus and three Es-initial letters of 3 keywords that represent our educational contents and philosophies.

  1. 「Electronics」
  2. 「Entertainment」
  3. 「Ecology」

This trinity creates immense energy and deep emotion. Furthermore, the straight line representing advanced and intellectual image with 3 curved lines representing Es are intertwined in the right back, to create the universe that will lead us to eternity.
School Emblems of Tokyo University of Technology, Nippon Engineering Collage, Nippon Engineering Collage of Hachioji and Nippon Engineering Collage of Hokkaido are common in its design, but are in different colors.